Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Confessions of a doubtless mind

"Sir, I've a doubt...."
"Very good question, Mr. XYZ"
A very common scenario in a typical classroom. We can classify a classroom of students into two broad categories: students who frequently raise doubts/questions during lectures and those who don’t ask any doubts or questions – let’s call them - Doubtless Species. We can classify this second category of students or the doubtless species further into two categories: the ones who have doubts in their minds but they hesitate to raise their questions in front of the whole class and the ones who don't even have doubts in their minds – sheer doubtless minds! 

These doubtless minds can again be classified further into two categories: the ones who don’t understand what is being taught in the lecture and the ones who understand most of what is being taught in the lecture, but questions simply refuse to pop up in their minds. In my opinion, asking questions in the classroom is an art in itself. One doesn't need to understand the topic being discussed in the classroom to ask questions or doubts. One of my friends used to take several naps during most of the lectures. But after getting up from the naps (due to some disturbances such as a piece of chalk thrown at him by the prof), he would always have a question or two ready to ask to the prof, many-a-times getting the very-good-question compliment. I wonder if he dreamt of the topic being discussed while napping. However, there’s a special category of students who, instead of asking questions, observe the behavior of students in the classroom and then write blogs on that. Which category do you fall into, eh?


  1. After reading it, I am sure that you were part of the group that observed the behavior of students at one time.


  2. There are different ways to address any doubts you have in the class...one (applicable to most fresher's ) without even thinking over it ask it in the class ..
    two - wait for it to get clarified in the forthcoming discussion in the class .. otherwise ask professor privately after the class..and third (if you pursue post-graduation after work experience..it applied to you).. don't bother class or professor...get out of the class..discuss with you friends or search on google ONLY IF YOU FACE IT AGAIN :)

  3. have you considered a possibility where one is not bothered about what is being asked or discussed they may be forced to sit in class due to mandatory attendance requirement.

  4. There is one more category - the ones who observe the special students (not their behaviour) during lectures ;-) What category do you fall into, haaye?

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  6. @Shri: LOL...so true!

    @Anonymous: I think such people should get covered in this category "the ones who don’t understand what is being taught in the lecture"

    @Dheeraj: LOL...provided that such "special" students are present in the class ;)

    @Vishal: Thanks yaar. Kevdhya research nantar Facebook cha Like button aaNlela blog var aNi aata hardly kuNi vaapartay :(

  7. कडक!
    मी ह्या सगळ्यांपैकी कुठेही नाही!
    कारण मला काही कळायचंही नाही आणि मी प्रश्नही विचारायचो नाही आणि मी सगळ्यांना ऑब्झर्व्ह पण करायचो! :P

  8. There are still other categories like
    - those who believe there doubts will be raised by one of their collegues
    - unnecessary ask to impress smone ;)

  9. IISc मध्ये माझ्या चेह-यावर "ये क्या हो रहा है, मैं कहां हूं" असाच असायचा.

  10. i remember Dutta's physics class in 12th.. There were ppl sitting on back benches(shri knows who i am referring to) who every now and then used to come up with questions baffling Dutta compelling him to say that he would get back with the answer.. i had a strong feeling that they used to prepare in advance the questions on would-be-taught-topics.. anyways, yet another nice trip down the memory lane.. Keep refreshing!!

  11. oye.. mai chhutii pe hu.. abhi to apne blogs se fursat de mujhe..!!