Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ek Number link for asli Nagpurians

I simply love Nagpuri slang words. Before I list out some of my favorite words, let me put my 2 cents on this topic. I think many of the words that Nagpurians speak have their origin from the fact that Nagpur was the capital of Madhya Bharat some time ago. That’s the reason why Hindi is still a widely spoken language in Nagpur. Many of the Marathi people, especially those from western Maharashtra and Marathwada find difficult to digest the fact when two “Maharashtrian” Nagpurians often converse in Hindi, instead of Marathi. I think they forget the fact the native language is largely impacted by the history and the geography of the region (Nagpur is geographically very close to Madhya Pradesh). I believe that rather than cribbing about each and everything, we should try to enjoy the uniqueness of the things. Anyways, speaking Marathi with a tinge of Hindi in it or vice versa, Nagpurians simple love doing this. Let me give you some examples.
Western Maharashtra Version: Kaay kartoys?
Hindi Version: Kya kar raha?
Nagpuri Version: Kaay karun rahila?
If you notice, “karun rahila” is taken from Hindi “kar raha”.
Sometimes these words sound very funny.
gheun ghya (le lijiye), deun dya (de dijiye), chalalo gelo (chale gaye).

Oops, I diverted from the topic. I wanted to list out some of my favorite Nagpur slang words:

kya bolte; ek number; hao kya; abbey; bey; allag sallag; angaar; apan; badmas; baitad; bavaji; phoknaadyaa; buari; bum; chhapda; bawa; chengad; fal fal karna; fek mat; jhaamal jhaamal karna; fatey tak; ghaape; jaana be; kaadya; kanpatna; konteme; mahol

Many more words with their meanings and usages can be found here:


  1. I think Nagpurians really stand out with this special slang..!!And we are proud of being Nagpurian..!

  2. Arre ek number bidu!!! Hail Nagpur.. "Aur isi baat pe" CHEERS!!

  3. He this 'bawa' and 'haav' a lot!!

  4. Kampoo sahi bola tu .....
    this thing makes nagpurians different from others :-)

  5. Good one! Few more words:
    Chhapri, kaaun be?, bhokantiklyaa, male, tule, mal(a), tul(a) {e.g. Mal nako saangu. Tul sangitla na be ekada}, tepna (copying), tenapna, sutadna (both meaning beating), Myaad, behakla, bhila ka be? (in proper marathi, it will be "Bheeti watli?")

  6. kay baba... itka sakhol abhyaas !!! tu PhD kelis, tar technical madhe karnaar ki language madhe ??

  7. @All: Thanks :)
    @Kalpesh: Me PhD keli tar eka ithe na saangta yeNarya topic var karen ;)
    @Supratim: fir kya, maholich karte na bawa apan

  8. True. But, I want to add that this is applicable to the whole of Vidarbha.

  9. Add one more word khapkan means jaldi seee

  10. Deng-deng (meaning santaap), chongalmitthu (can't explain the meaning 😂), Kon ho be, kaayle, kava tari, me mhnto kaunach, zandu, bhakabhak,bhakkan, bhapka, zoing-kan, sapkan haanli, kaantopra, zaampar, Manila, tarri, etc.....hahahahaha