Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Handwriting: A Lost Art?


  1. Great!!!!Simply great!!!I beg to differ with the P.S. though.Btw,your handwriting in 10th standard was better than this.So dude,start penning down things at frequent rate.It would help.
    ;-)I am expecting to see upcoming blogs in this format.

  2. U seem 2 have got inspired from similar write-up, i feel, may be i m wrong though good message.

  3. Good to see that finally you found non-banal topic to "pen down" :-) By the way, I also wanted to post a reply the same way you posted this blog, but fell short of some resources namely paper, pen and camera/scanner ;-)One more realization greatly disappointed me; my handwriting sucks :-( Finally good handwriting(calligraphy) definitely is an art but somehow it has always eluded me.

  4. "Khaki uniform-wala'h' "
    Now that seems to be Kapil's fascination with the alphabet ‘h’ :D

    (ref : http://kapilbodkhe.blogspot.com/2010/03/south-indias-fascination-with-alphabet.html)

  5. Hmm...can't agree more. True, true.

    Reminds me of an incidence. My cousin, back when we were in some 7th class, came up with a proposal that in summer, we should join a handwriting workshop (marathi language) that would make our handwriting beautiful. His was a randome patterned one. I denied. I never really liked that idea. So for whole of summer, poor fellow went to that workshop. They gave him a structure containing letters, like the one we bring for children which contains ABC, and he was supposed to write essays after essays using those structures. All the summer, he did nothing but that. Guess what, after that summer, his handwriting was way beuatiful than mine. Still is. As always, parents started comparing it and taunted me that rather than focussing on cricket, I should have gone to that class. I used to wonder, what had I lost?

    But dear Kapil, your blog gives me answer to this question almost after 1.25 decades. His handwriting didn't become beautiful, it became structured.

    And I lost nothing, the poor fellow lost his own creative expression!!!

  6. @Prajakt: True! Even I feel that my handwriting has deteriorated a lot over the period of time. Wish we could write code by hand ;)

    @Akshay: Thanks :)

    @Dheeraj: Where there's a will, there's a way! ;)

    @Kalpesh: When in south India, do what south Indians do! ;)

    @Zeus: He He He...nice anecdote...sad that we don't get to utilize our creative expression these days :(

  7. Tears are rolling down my cheeks at this moment. Somehow though, I always hated ink pens, I never got along well with them. For me, Ball pen is the greatest invention of Mankind after the Wheel!

  8. Do we still write on paper and book? Some of European nations use e-media for writing exams as well.

  9. ok Mr. Khaphil Bhodke.... (i think thats how u will spell ur name as long as u r in south india) :P

  10. @Prophet: Ink pens do take some time to get friendly, but they are amazing friends, believe me!

    @Santosh: I wish such a day never dawns in India!

    @Kalpesh: There're a few exceptions like "Tamilnadu", "Telangana", "Kapil Bodkhe" :D

  11. Absolutely fantastic!! I for one was an avid letter-writer and truly miss those days of penning things down (though mine wasn't as good a handwriting as was your's or Prajakt's, I always envied that).. I also remember there was this "pilot pen" which had become too popular once.. Must thank you for taking us on the tour of perfect past..

  12. Kapil...i completely agree on this...in today's e-world...when we have instant messaging and emails always handy...we have almost lost touch to writing down thoughts ... we hardly make any spelling mistake...not because we have improvised..but we have spell-checker to correct us..even these blogs have allude us from writing personal diaries...On the other hand, atleast academia even today requires exams, homeworks to be handwritten...which is somewhat soothing...!
    I just had another thought..while everyone is talking about keeping their handwriting as beautiful, neat as possible..one place where everyone tries to make their written stuff as unrecognizable as possible...i.e. when signing :)...but, we are losing that fun too with digital signatures coming up..!!

    God bless this art!!

  13. @Andy: Yeah, Pilot pens were an attempt to unify ink pens and ball point pens. Then there were these Chinese "Hero" ink pens which had capillary tubes containing ink. Those pens were real "suckers" for they used to suck the ink out of the ink bottle while refilling :P

    @Shri: Very True! Thankfully, signature is still present as a way of exhibiting our creative expression. I really wish digital signatures do not snatch this freedom from us. Howz ur handwriting coming along, btw? Mine has deteriorated a lot as can be easily seen :(

  14. Oh I completely agree to this...Reading it was so much fun...It reminded me of refilling my ink pens before every exam as I managed to write the neatest and the fastest with those...I still have collection of a few of those, HERO chinese ink pens...I love them!!!

    And yes, I still do write letters....

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