Wednesday, September 01, 2010

December Dilemma

Preface: This post was written by me on 10 December, 2009; but did not post it at that time for some reason. Found this post lying idle somewhere on the hard disk of my lappy; felt like posting it now. Things have changed a lot, as expected, since then. But sometimes it feels nice going back in time and introspecting.

I love December. The month of lovely winter, the month of holidays, the month full of parties and of course, the month in which I was born. However, this December is a bit different from the rest of the twenty-five Decembers I've seen so far. This December, I suddenly feel like a grown up. I feel a burden of responsibilities. Never has the age played such an important part in my life before. Every other person is popping the question of marriage. I'm getting nostalgic about school days, college life every now and then. I'm not really sure what I want from life. I'm not sure which field/city I should settle into. I've started questioning myself if only an apartment and a car is what I toiled so much in life for. It feels like the whole world is conspiring against me. Is this called the quarter life crisis? I'm trying to run away from these questions by engrossing myself in parties and outings. But I'm sure these monstrous questions are going to hound me again soon.


  1. As you know right now I am listening to Wake Up Sid and I love its lyrics. I will quote some that are apt here.

    ये जो कहें, वो जो कहें सुन लो।
    बातें जो सही दिल को लगे चुन लो।
    करना है क्या तुम्हे ये तुमही करो फैसला।
    ये सोच लो तुमको जाना है कहाँ।
    तुम हो मुसाफिर तुम ही तो हो कारवाँऽऽऽ।
    "Wake up Sid!" सारे पल कहें, "Wake up Sid, चल कहीं चलें। Wake up Sid, सब दिशाओं से आ रही है सदा सुन सको अगर सुनोऽऽऽऽऽऽ, Wake up!!!!!!"

  2. Ignorant of their ignorance,
    yet wise in their own esteem,
    deluded men of this world,
    proud of their vain learning,
    go round and round.
    Like the blind led by the blind.

    (Yamraja to nine years old boy Nachiketa)
    -- KathopnishadEdit

  3. Aare , Kapil , this grown up kind of funda
    I am also experiencing a lot now, I think it is a transitional mode.. I guess every mate of our class is under the same shelter of responsibilities now ..

  4. घरोघरी स्टीलची शेगडी... इथेही तीच परिस्थिती आहे !!!

  5. "I'm trying to run away from these questions by immersing myself in parties and outings"
    My sympathies with the poor guy! I am all tears.. :(

  6. @SaKa: I'm wide awake, still I've got these questions
    @Amrish: So true!
    @Vinu & Kalpesh: Let me know if u guys find an answer.
    @Shobhit: Thanks yaar. I badly need those. :)