Monday, June 21, 2010

Localities in Namma Bengaluru

I've always been amused to know the logic behind christening of localities in a city. Bangalore was no exception when I moved in here. However, unlike in the other cities, I decided to do some research on this and this post is an attempt to give the fellow Bangaloreites some insight into my research findings.

Palya, Sandra, Pete, Kere, Halli, Nagar are the various categories that Bangalore localities broadly fall into.

Kere in Kannada means lake. So, Taverekere, Mathikere, Arakere, Challakere are situated where there used to be lakes once upon a time.

Pete in Kannada means market. Bangalore was divided into various Pete depending upon the trade or community who lived in a particular area. For example, Akkipete(for the rice traders), Chikkapete(for small general traders), Chamarajapete, Ragipete.

Halli in Kannada means village. So, present day Halli in Bangalore used to be small villages once upon a time. For example, Marthahalli, Kodihalli, Dasarahalli, Devanahalli, Jalahalli, Uttarahalli.

Sandra in Kannada is an altered form of Samudra i.e. sea. As it appears, Bangalore was not only a garden city once, but also a lake city. Thippasandra, Jakkasandra, Lakkasandra, Byrasandra, to name a few Sandra. I wonder if Sandra Bullock too falls into this category.

PaaLya is an area of land, ruled by a PaaLeyagara, meaning Chieftain, in Kannada. The origins of this word can be traced back to the time when Bangalore was ruled by the Wodeyars and the Muslim rulers of Mysore. SuduguntepaLya, KalasipaLya, NS PaLya, MurugeshPaLya fall into this category. However, my all time favorite PaLya are MalleshPaLya, SultanPaLya, MichaelPaLya...Hilarious, aren't they? I wish there was a KapilPaLya too in Bangalore!