Saturday, April 24, 2010

Koi Nahi???

I had barely recovered from the t/th phenomenon when I was struck with another alien phrase. I'm sure many of you would not have had exposure to the divine phrase that I'm about to discuss. I was introduced to this heavenly phrase during a conversation with one of my Delhite friends a couple of years back. I was just wondering how come I was ignorant of such a lovely phrase till then. Let me give you a glimpse of that conversation:

Preface: STOMA (Stochastic Modeling & Applications) is a monstrous course which we were forced to take during our 1st sem at IISc. Only those who've credited/audited this course can understand the intensity of pain in my statement.
Me: Yaar, it's too much...STOMA prof is surely gonna fail me in his course.
Friend: Why? What happened?
Me: Yaar, I barely managed to score 15 out of 50 in the mid-term.
Friend: Koi nahi !!! Final mein cover kar lena.
Me: Kahan koi nahi? There are so many people around.
Friend: What are you talking about?
Me: You only said, "koi nahi"
The differences were settled only when my dear friend explained to me that "Koi Nahi" is a phrase commonly used in northern India and has a meaning similar to "koi baat nahi". Some people use even a shorter version "Koi Naa".

Till date, I'm unable to understand the relevance of this phrase in its usage. Koi nahi??? Nobody is there??? Who enquired if anyone's there to begin with???

I wonder if "baat" is such a difficult word to drop off from conversations. Why drop such a lovely word as "baat" from "koi baat nahi"...Akhir baat karne se hi toh baat banti hai, kyun???

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Westernization is in the air...

India Inc. is flying high and we should be really proud of that. Indian Cos have gone global and at the same time MNCs are eager to set up their centers in India. Middle class Indian is getting exposure to the western culture like never before. Some of the effects of this westernization can be easily seen in our day-to-day life. More kids are going to English medium schools; Parents are conversing with their kids in English; There’re more pizza/burger/CCD outlets in the city than the once-omnipresent tea stalls (chai ki tapriyaan); Portable hard-disks are full of Hollywood movies and Love marriages are rapidly outnumbering arranged marriages. However, sometimes a thought crosses my mind...Are we not blindly copying Americans in whatever way we can? I agree that westernization has enabled us access to a luxurious life which we didn’t even dream of. I might sound a bit radical here, but I strongly believe that we should hold on to some of our basic cultural values instead of blindly copying western people. The concept of a joint family or the concept of arranged marriages, for example. I strongly believe there’s something good about these institutions which have worked for us for so long. Otherwise, why would western people look up to India for more stable families, more sustained married life and consequently more peace of mind? I believe, these are a few values which make us Indians stand out among the whole world population and we should make sure we don’t lose these in the pursuit of westernization. We are still in a transition stage and we should be cautious that we do not replicate here the issues faced by western countries.

I’ve observed one more thing which I’d like to share here (Caution: Controversial issue ahead. Pale-hearted/short-tempered should not read further). I’m not being a misogynist here but I believe girls have a higher tendency of getting westernized than boys. This statement is merely based on a few observations I’ve had over a period of time. To quote a few examples, girls are more addicted to western food like pizza, burger, and sandwich than boys. Girls are more fascinated towards western clothing, pubs, discotheques and parties. The odds of two girls conversing in English are way higher than that of two guys. Of course, these are just my observations on a very limited sample space. However, I’m still looking out for the reasons behind girls being more prone to westernization. Guys, can you please help me out? In the meanwhile: Think western, but be Indian!