Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nike+ Run Club - Bangalore

If you are looking for a running group in Bangalore or if you are a beginner and want to learn a few tricks from the experts, Nike+ Run Club (NRC) is one the best places for you. NRC has been around for more than six years now. It happens every Sunday at 6am. It sometimes happens on both Saturdays and Sundays, generally a couple of months before the TCS World 10K event. All you need to do is show up at 6am at the Nike store on brigade road. On your first visit, you would need to fill up a simple registration form. You just need to fill up basic details such as name, DoB, address, etc. No need of carrying any documents. You would get a bib, which you need to preserve and carry with you every time you come to the club. There are two star coaches to train all the runners:
K.C. Kothandapani - Fondly called as 'Coach Pani', an experienced runner, and one of the humblest guys you'd have seen.
Reeth Abraham - An Arjuna Award winner, an olympian, and an inspiration to all.

A typical session at NRC involves the following:
- Warm up jog starting at 6:00 AM from Nike store, brigade road to Cubbon park
- Warm up and stretching exercises at 6: 20 AM near badminton court, Cubbon park
- Run at Cubbon Park. The type of run and distance varies every Sunday depending on the schedule prepared by the coaches.
- Stretching, strength training exercises, and yoga based breathing exercises at 7:30 AM
- The training concludes by 8.30AM

Sometimes, there are special sessions on nutrition, sports psychology, injury prevention, motivational speeches, etc. especially around the TCS World 10K time. There is a baggage counter available at the Nike store where you can keep your belongings and attend the session.

A few motivations for joining this club:
1. It is FREE...yes, absolutely free. Thank you Nike for this noble cause.
2. Water station providing water, glucose, biscuits, bananas, etc. available at Cubbon Park
3. You can try out Nike shoes. You can pick up a pair Nike shoes of suitable size from the trial counter at the Nike store at the beginning of the session and return those when the session ends.
4. If you are a regular at the club (don't forget to mark your attendance every time you visit the club), you can get a free pass to the Nike Lounge at the TCS World 10K event. In there, you get to brush your shoulders with celebrities, have breakfast, massage, live music band to name a few luxuries.
5. You get to meet top runners in Bangalore and sometimes celebrities too. Most of the top runners have started their training with NRC.

So, if you are a runner in Bangalore looking for a running group, I see no reason why you shouldn't give NRC a try.


  1. I see this post is from 2014.. Does NRC in bangalore still exist ?
    Any contact details that you can share to confirm will help.

    1. Yes, it still exists. Just turn up at the Nike Showroom on the Brigade road on any Sunday at 6am.

  2. Does NRC will happen on Sunday 26 Feb, 2017 and/or on every Sunday until TCS World 10K?

    1. From what I have heard, the club is no longer running. You can confirm with the Nike Store, Brigade Road.

    2. But you do have new clubs like Asics Running Club, Reebok Running Squad.

  3. Could you please let me know the procedure if I wish to become a N+RC pacer and what are the prerequisites for it.?
    If the club is not functioning now, could you please give me any contact person.?

    1. Not sure about this. You can check with the Nike Store, Brigade Road.