Sunday, December 02, 2012

Bangalore city needs some diversity

Every city has got problems of its own, and Bangalore is no exception. I feel that one of the primary reasons behind the various issues that are plaguing Bangalore today is the lack of diversity here. Unlike other cities such as Mumbai and Delhi where people of wide variety of occupations and income levels reside, Bangalore is majorly populated by IT professionals. The issues with this lack of diversity are manifold. Look at the traffic situation for example. Everyone travels to their workplaces during peak hours causing traffic jams; everyone thinks they are rich and travel alone in big cars adding up to the traffic woes; no one wants to travel in BMTC buses or any public transport for that matter. Needless to mention, these are the same people cribbing about traffic snarls in Bangalore every now and then. 

Of all, one thing that annoys me the most is that even on weekends and holidays, people want to do the same set of things, as if weekdays weren't enough. Come on guys, get some diversity here at least! Everyone wants to watch a movie over the weekend sky-rocketing the ticket prices. I find it very difficult to digest the fact that movie tickets on weekends are in the range of Rs. 300-500 and yet it's very difficult to get a ticket, unless booked in advance. Everyone wants to hang out in a mall crowding the malls to the point of suffocation. Everyone wants to eat in restaurants leaving a long trail of vehicles from residential areas to the commercial ones. 

I think we've already tested the limits of the city and it's high time we diversify a little bit, at least over the weekends. 

Go, watch a movie on a weekday evening or watch it in a local theater over the weekend, if you must. Even better, watch a play once in a while. Ever been to Rangashankara? If not, you are missing out on a beautiful and serene place. 

Go on a trek or on a long drive to a scenic place. Bangalore is blessed with many such places in and around herself. Explore! 

Try giving back something to the society by engaging yourself in a social cause e.g.,,,, etc.

Travel in a BMTC bus to work once in a while (I know you are rich, but still do this for the sake of the city). If traveling in a BMTC bus hurts your dignity (really?), cycle to work once in a while. At least do the car-pooling, if you must travel in a car. Please don't take out your land-cruisers when traveling alone.

Coming to the ritual of eating out. Bangaloreans are crazy when it comes to food. Restaurants in every nook and corner of the city are full to their maximum capacity most of the times. How about some local food joint for a change? Ever been to the food street?

Let's do our bit for solving the city's problems. After all, cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.


  1. Hi Kapil,

    I really enjoyed your post. It brought back memories of when I was last in Bangalore around 12 years ago. I'm sure its changed massively since then.

    Cinema ticket prices are sky high these days. It's cheaper to go during the day time on a weekday. However, I have to work at these times!

  2. Actually loved your post. I have been telling people almost the same thing - you might not believe but I saw a mirror of my thought in your writing. I am from Delhi and shifted to Bangalore recently and found it so strange that people here dont really believe in sharing. People are anything but friendly. Have stayed in Mumbai so I know how free and friendly people are there - strangers become friends but in Bangalore its so different and somehow its pretty suffocating for me!