Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things to remember while riding a motorbike

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt while riding motorbikes in various parts of India:
·         Choose a bike with wide tyres. Bikes with wider tyres are stabler and have a lesser tendency to skid.
·         Don’t overuse the clutch. Use it only while changing the gears or coming to a complete stop. Don’t use it while riding downhill. Excessive use of clutch wastes fuel and also reduces engine life.
·         Switch off the engine while waiting at the traffic signal. Avoid excessive throttling while waiting at the signal.
·         Slow down on the speed-breakers. Speeding on the speed-breakers can cause severe back pain.
·         Always keep an eye on the tyre pressure and stick to the recommended settings. Insufficient tyre pressure not only reduces the life of the tyres, but also increases fuel consumption.
·         Refuel the bike only at the selected and trusted fuel stations. Constant variation in the fuel quality might affect the performance of the bike.
·         If you are riding in a group, keep the headlights on even during the day. Makes it easier for your fellow riders to track you.
·         A simple rule to check whether a person driving ahead of you is able to locate you (especially for the trucks that don’t have the center rear-view mirror) - if you can't see the driver in his rear-view mirrors, then he can't see you.
·         If you are being chased by a dog while riding (very common in India), don’t try to speed away in panic. Just stop for a while. Most of the times, the dog will stop chasing once you stop. Dogs have a tendency to chase moving objects.
·         Enjoy the scenic views, the gushing wind, and the adrenaline rush while riding!


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  2. Quite an informative post.... Would have really loved to read about few of your riding/biking experiences...

    1. Thanks Punit! Had written a couple of those a few yrs back...