Thursday, September 01, 2011

Things NOT to do while in the USA

  • Not get your driver's license in India and depend on friends/colleagues for commuting and weekend trips.
  • Carry a driver's license which is in a non-English language or which looks more like an application form than like the license itself.
  • Not get ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) stamp on the passport and put doubts in minds of the immigration officers whether you passed the 10th grade or not.
  • Get yourself screwed at the Customs counter and almost get deported.
  • Get caught for over-speeding.
  • Sleep in the back seat of the car.
  • Sleep in the front seat of the car.
  • Make random long-drive plans late in the night and get caught for jumping the signal.
  • Get your car towed away and stand helplessly on the road at midnight.
  • Take a trip back home in the towing truck.
  • Try to get out of the car before the cop reaches your car.
  • Try to bribe the cop.
  • Argue with the cop.
  • Get out of your car to see what was happening when the cops block the road in front of you.
  • Spend a couple of hours in burning audio CDs for the long drive, when data CDs too work in the car stereo system.
  • Think that you look old enough not to carry any age proof while purchasing alcohol.
  • Not keep the door open for the people following you and let it close on their face.
  • Not understand the question "For Here or To Go?"
  • Not tip the waiters or tip them less than 10% of the bill amount.
  • Go on a shopping spree since it's so easy to order things online.
  • Blog about the things you did in the US.


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