Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things you might not know about China (Part-2)

This is a continued version of the original post Things you might not know about China.
  • Two-wheelers and three wheelers are banned in big cities like Shenzhen to restrict pollution. Only electric motorbikes are allowed in Shenzhen.
  • Unlike those in India, most of the restaurants in China don't give tissues for free. They charge you for those, if you wish to use some. This is the reason most of the Chinese people carry a bunch of tissue papers with them whenever they go to restaurants.
  • They don't give any mouth fresheners like saunf in restaurants in China.
  • You need not give tips at the restaurants in China.
  • Unlike in India, they don't serve drinking water at the restaurants in China.
  • Chinese women like to wear mini (sometimes micro/nano/pico) skirts even in freezing winters. This is one equation I'm yet to resolve.


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