Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Of Name, Complexion and Luck

Three lessons I learnt today:

1) I was under the impression that ‘Kapil’ is one of the easiest names to pronounce. However, today I was taken aback when one of our counterparts in the China office, who happens to be on a visit to the India office, had a really tough time pronouncing my name. I didn’t dare to ask her to pronounce my surname ;)
Lesson learnt: Don’t assume things. The World is a big place. 

2) Today, I went to a hair cutting saloon to get a haircut. Snippet of my conversation with the saloon guy, who happens to be a local Kannada guy with a little knowledge of Hindi language:
Saloon guy (complementing on my fair complexion): Kya khata, joh itna color aata? 
Me (trying to match his Hindi dialect): Main joh khata, usse color aata, lekin baal jaata aur pet  badhta...
Lesson learnt: We always yearn for what we don’t have and don’t appreciate what we have.

3) The news of Liz Hurley getting a divorce from Arun Nayar is doing the rounds, thanks to the Spin King Shane Warne (maybe, someone needs to ‘warne’ her).  I happened to come across a news article, speculating that Liz may lose a major of chunk of her money to Arun Nayar, if the divorce goes through.
Lesson learnt: You get to do Liz Hurley and you make a fortune when you are done...Arun Nayar is one lucky bas**rd! ;)


  1. thats why I keep on telling you .. get married to a rich girl

  2. @Ram: That's the plan! ;)

    @All who 'Facebook Liked' the post: Thanks folks! But I can only see the number of people who Liked and have no way to figure out exactly who Liked :(

  3. Nice Lessons learnt..
    Last one is the toughest though ;)