Saturday, February 10, 2007

Life moves on

One thing I'll have to admit is that blogging is not my cup of tea. But still, this is a sincere attempt to keep this blog alive. I'd like to blog regularly in future. Well, i hope this doesn't turn out to b a "political" promise. I'll try my best to keep it. Coming to the point, almost 3 months of time has gone past since my last post on this blog. So, I'd try to briefly sum up the things that happened in my life in this period of time.

The year 2006 came to an end with a nice gift of 1st sem final exams for me. Frankly speaking, i had to work very hard to keep pace with my classmates. It's all relative grading system in IISc. So, even if a single guy studies, the others have no other option left. I don't know why the other people study so much & so make a poor guy like me also study at par. (Khud bhi aaram se jiyo aur doosron ko bhi jeene do :)) Anyways, that's my point of view. So, somehow managed to get past the exams. For the first time in life, wrote two papers(each one of 3hrs) on the same day, 9-12am & 2-5pm. Need i tell anymore? Was an amazing experience. On 14th of Jan, got the divine freedom(obviously temporary) from IISc. I finished up a few formalities & boarded the train to Nagpur on 15th. This was the longest(continuous) period for which i was away from home(4 1/2 months to be specific). Had a wonderful vacation of 15 days in the hometown. But like all other good things, it also came to an end. Wasn't feeling like coming back here. N while i was packing my luggage, struck a terrible news.....Reults of 1st sem were out. Well, this was the last thing i was expecting to happen in this wonderful sojourn. But the news wasn't that bad as much i expected it to b. Managed to get a decent 6.4/8.0 GPA(Grade point Avg). Anything above 6 was going to b a God-gift for me. Hard Work really pays off, to say the least.
With the beginning of new year, came a fresh 2nd sem. N till now, it's been a far better sem than its previous counterpart. Or rather i should say, experience, which is said to b the best teacher, has taught me how to survive here. Till now, it's only been Movies, food n a number of rounds to MG road this sem. But now the bloody assignments have started pouring in. N i can sniff even bloodier mid term tests coming by. So, this was all about the happenings in my life so far...

On the leaving note, i wud like to share my views on a very different topic. The very much awaited Cauvery river dispute(mainly between Karnataka n Tamilnadu) verdict was declared a few days ago, followed by some violence in Karnataka, coz the verdict was not in Karnataka's favor somewhat. The only reason that i mentioned this thing here is because somebody had said " The next World War will b over water". How true !!!!!

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  1. Hey dude, keep posting. At least we know what's happening in our friend's life through this medium. There are two distinct features I'll put before you:

    1. It is not intrusive/aggressive like Orkut scrapping or simply banging on your email id. We read what you say on your blog - and that's it.

    2. It is *you* who decide what to inform your readers and that too at your leisure.

    So don't worry - even if it is one post per month - but keep them coming!