Wednesday, August 16, 2006

High Tea

At the time of admission, we were given a card inviting us(freshers) to join the Director of IISc for High Tea on 16 aug @ 5 P.M. To the most of us, the word 'High Tea'(HT) was new. So, ppl started taking their own meanings out of that term.

The day started off with two lectures in the morning & one more after the lunch break. The third lecture was, Ohmygawd!!, one of the most horrible lectures i've ever attended in my life. I ( & hopefully most of my classmates) couldnt understand a single wordin the whole lect. After the lect, when i asked one of the PhD students(who also attended the same lect with us), he said that it was one of the best lects in his life. How guilty i was feeling at that time!

Now coming back to the topic, many of my frenz went to attend the HT party after having a good evening snacks in the mess, assuming that they'd b served with tea only at the party. When i went to the Gymkhana Hall to attend the party, i was actually shocked to see a fine arrangement of chairs n tables & waiters roaming around to serve the guests(freshers). It was then most of us came to know that high tea means the snacks & tea/coffee taken in between the lunch & dinner. We enjoyed the foodstuffs as always. But there was more to the party than just the food. The snacks were followed by the speeches of a few honourable ppl of the insti., officially welcoming us to the insti. Being a PJ lover, i can very well recall a PJ cracked by the associate director of IISc during his speech. He said, "Do u know why LeT(Lashkar-e-Taiba) chose our insti as the target frm the whole lot of instis in India(he was referring to the unfortunate shoot out incident that occurred in dec 2005), bcoz we're the best".

I think this was the last party of this term for me. Bcoz, after that horrible lect n a lot of assignments pouring in, I think it's time to check out some books.........


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